Monday, March 26, 2012

The Cursillo Experience by Richard Tollner

My attendance at the CURSILLO 63 was most beneficial to me as a
husband, banker and as an Episcopalian. I will tell you the program
was easy to get involved with upon arrival. The people were incredibly
welcoming and informative. The three days went by like lightning. The
accommodations, food, and service were comfortable.
Being away from home was made easier by the people at Christ the King
Spiritual Life Center.

CURSILLO itself was for me a retreat where I was able to assist myself
and others in their journey towards being closer to Jesus. The many
topics we delved into drew comment and history and life experiences
that served our goal of becoming closer to Jesus. I learned about
myself, my strengths, and just how important my beliefs are. The
leaders made the days there at CTKSLC (Chist the King Spiritual Life Center)
enjoyable, valuable, and a proper use of my incredibly rare and valuable free time.
It was hard to be away from family and responsibilities, but so worthwhile. I do not have
any days off anymore. I caretake two senior citizens in different
cities and have four work responsibilities which at this year (2012)
do not allow me the convienence of a 5 day work week.

I would strongly recommend CURSILLO to any Episcopalian who wants to
know their limits, ....How much can they serve...... themselves,.....
their family ,..... their community?, how much can they love?, how can
they be loved? We learned how Jesus does fit into the fabric of our
days without interrupting anything. All the while you become closer to
him. My whole life is better for the knowledge I obtained and the
experiences I was a part of.

I trusted Father Jay and am a better man for trusting him.
Dont ask to judge whether its right for you or not.

Take care of yourself and do it.

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