Sunday, December 2, 2012

Go West 3

We are about to leave Dallas heading to Denver to visit my uncle and aunt there.  Before leaving we celebrated Nicolaus early (the feast day of St. Nicolas, December 6) with Hilary and Richard. Nicolaus was a great memory from my childhood.  Children place their shoes near the door on the eve of Dec. 6.  In the morning good children receive a small gift, bad children receive coal and onions.  One year I received the dreaded coal and onions.  I could not imagine what I could have done that was so bad.  Nicolaus was this great warm up for Christmas which, as a child, to me seemed very far away.

We gave Hilary and Richard their Christmas gifts, the first Sunday of Advent.  May we like the Wise Men begin our Advent journey to the manger to see the true meaning of our lives.  Pics below.

Nicolaus was here!

Alix and Richard's creche

A new blanket.  Wow!

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